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Local Specialist for Central Heating in Herne Bay & Canterbury

Unique Plumbing & Heating Ltd serves as the Herne Bay and Canterbury areas’ go-to expert on all aspects of central heating. Our Gas Safe registered team of plumbers and boiler engineers can maintain, repair and replace central heating systems within both domestic and commercial properties. On this page, we’ve looked to provide more information on these three different aspects of what we do.

Our Central Heating Services


Maintenance – Keeping your central heating system in healthy, working order is neither difficult nor expensive. Firstly, it’s important to call in our engineers to carry out scheduled boiler servicing once a year. This will improve your boiler’s efficiency, ensure it isn’t suffering from potentially dangerous faults, extends its lifespan and reduce the likelihood you’ll need to invest in vital repairs. We provide boiler servicing throughout Herne Bay, Canterbury and all surrounding areas.


Other aspects of central heating maintenance that we carry out include bleeding and venting radiators, although some Herne Bay and Canterbury residents might feel comfortable handling this task on a DIY basis. This gets rid of trapped air pockets inside your radiators which cause cold spots. Bleeding radiators can restore a central heating system to optimal efficiency. We can also inspect your pipework to ensure that there aren’t any leaks and you aren’t suffering from kettling due to a build-up of limescale, for example.


One central heating maintenance service that offers fantastic value for money is power flushing. This sees one of our engineers connect a machine to your central heating system, which will circulate a chemical cleaning formula at varying pressures. The formula descales your pipework and breaks down any sludge, rust or debris that’s accumulated over time. Power flushing increases the life span of your system, improves its efficiency and drastically reduces its chance of breakdown.


Herne Bay and Canterbury property owners should look to invest in power flushing if they notice cold patches on radiators, strange or jarring noises coming from boiler or pipes, a discoloured liquid emerging when they bleed radiators, or if tap water appears cloudy.


Repair – If you’ve noticed a change in your central heating system’s performance or it’s stopped working altogether, call in our engineers for repairs. Our gas safe engineers, based in Herne Bay near Canterbury, provide 24/7 emergency central heating repairs if the issue is a serious or potentially dangerous one – so don’t mind the time you call us!


Common problems we rectify include leaks, loss of pressure, lack of hot water and heating/radiators not working. These can be a result of anything from a faulty programmer, seized pump, loose cylinder connection, broken thermostat, to any number of other component failures.


Choose Unique for central heating repairs and we’ll quickly diagnose the issue, explain it you in clear and understandable terms, and recommend a course of action. It’s quite likely replacing a component will get your system back to its former glory. If we don’t have a part to hand we’ll have it sourced in a matter of hours, and return to finish the job.


Replacement – But sometimes our Herne Bay and Canterbury clients need an entirely new central heating system installed, perhaps because their existing one is antiquated and well-past its sell-by-date, so to speak. We can replace old boilers with brand new energy efficient units that will help reduce your carbon footprint as well as your energy bill.


Our Gas Safe engineers can also replace any pipework and radiators within your property, ensuring that everything works and you’ll be able to keep your property warm and cosy with minimal effort. We serve both domestic and commercial clients, and have experience working with all types of boilers (system, combi, etc.) If you’re unsure what type of boiler and central heating system will best suit your Herne Bay or Canterbury property, we’re always happy to provide expert, no obligation advice to ensure you make an informed and ultimately correct decision.

Need a central heating system serviced, repaired or replaced? Call Unique Plumbing & Heating Ltd on 07709 418 428. We’re proud to be Herne Bay’s central heating specialist.