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Your Go-to for Boiler Servicing in Herne Bay & Canterbury

One of the most popular services we offer clients in and around Herne Bay and Canterbury is boiler servicing. Both home and business owners should invest in this service once a year.  There are a number of reasons why this is a good idea…


Efficiency – An inefficient boiler will mean you end up paying far too much on your annual energy bill. Many Herne Bay and Canterbury homeowners save money with boiler servicing, as we can make minor adjustments to restore optimal functionality and efficiency. This also helps reduce your carbon footprint, meaning you’re doing your bit for the environment.


Safety – Boiler issues won’t just cost you money, they can put the safety of you and your family, housemates or co-workers in danger. For example, a leak could put you at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, which kills around 40 and hospitalizes 200 in England each year. Boiler servicing is a great opportunity to catch and rectify emerging problems before they worsen.


Cost-savings – Poorly looked after boilers are far more likely to require repairs than those subject to regular boiler servicing. Herne Bay and Canterbury residents should keep in mind that boiler repairs, or replacement in extreme circumstances, are usually more expensive than boiler servicing. Maintenance will reduce the likelihood you’re handed a hefty repair bill after a critical failure.


Legal Compliancy – If you’re a landlord in the Herne Bay or Canterbury areas, then you are legally obliged to invest in annual boiler servicing for each of your properties. Failing to do so could lead to court proceedings and significant fines, so be sure to keep tabs on when your last service was and when your next one is due!

What’s Involved in Boiler Servicing?


Below, we’ve run through the stages our engineers go through when carrying out boiler servicing at a Herne Bay or Canterbury property.


Visual Inspection – Our engineers will inspect the inside and outside of your boiler, to ensure that pipework and flue are properly installed and nothing is out of place. This initial phase will also see us check that your boiler is generally operating correctly.


In-depth Component Check – Then we’ll begin a comprehensive check to ensure that all the internal components within your boiler are working in a safe and efficient manner. We’ll ensure that:


  • Gas pressure and flow is correct
  • Your boiler is burning the right mix of gas/air
  • Electrical connections are in good condition
  • Fans and similar key components are functioning efficiently
  • Seals and electrodes are intact and in the right condition
  • All safety devices are in-place and working
  • The boiler’s condensate trap/pipe is unblocked


Boiler servicing can also involve cleaning the inside of your boiler, if the engineer deems it necessary.


Compliance Checks – Next up, our engineer will conduct safety checks to ensure that your boiler meets all relevant regulatory standards, for example those laid out in GSIUR 1998.


Once we’ve completed all of the above, we’ll take the time to explain to you our findings and the condition your boiler is in. While it’s unlikely your boiler will require repairs or be found not to meet current regulations, if it is then we’ll provide expert advice on how to proceed.


A full report will be issued for your records, and we’ll fill in your service record so you have proof boiler servicing has been carried out. We urge Herne Bay and Canterbury clients to keep these somewhere safe, as they may come in handy if your boiler ever needs repair and is still within its warranty period.

For affordable, professional boiler servicing in the Herne Bay or Canterbury areas, call Unique Plumbing & Heating Ltd on 07789 101 109.